The mission of the Housing Consortium of Everett and Snohomish County
is to provide strategic leadership in crafting policy and program
solutions to affordable housing challenges in Snohomish County


“22,000 by 2035!”

How Do We Get There?

Affordable Housing Conference 2014

Thank you to all those who attended the conference, to all of the presenters who donated so freely and generously of their time and knowledge, and to all the elected officials who joined us in the morning. With over 170 people in attendance, it was one of our most successful conferences ever!

The theme of the conference was “22,000 by 2035: How Do We Get There?” According to the report, “Housing Characteristics and Needs in Snohomish County”, we will need an additional 22,000 units of housing affordable at 0%-50% of Area Median Income by 2035.

How are we going to meet this challenge?
What are the tools available to us?
What policies and programs can be implemented to help achieve this goal?

We had a stellar line-up of industry professionals to help us with these questions. Part of the answer is in innovative programs that help people acquire the skills and stability to get out of poverty and lead independent, self-sustaining lives. Part of the answer is in finding the resources to build more units of housing for those who need housing stability before they can address other issues in their lives. And part of the answer is empathy and a moral commitment to those less fortunate than us.

Al Levine, Affiliate Faculty at the Runstad Center for Real Estate Studies at the University of Washington and our afternoon keynote speaker, summed it up in a word: “Leadership.”  With over 40 years’ experience in affordable housing, he urged us all to share the mantle of leadership, to step up to the challenges and opportunities 22,000 by 2035 represents, to come together as a community and lead the way.

I hope you will join me and the rest of the Consortium members in embracing 22,000 by 2035!



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Did you know?
The hourly wage needed to afford a 2 bedroom apartment is $18.98, while the minimum wage is Washington State is $8.55.
Did you know?
A family with a median household income can\'t qualify for a mortgage for a median priced home.
Did you know?
In Snohomish County, 224 households may lose their homes this year due to mobile homes park closures.
Did you know?
A minimum wage worker needs to work a minimum of 89 hours per week to afford a two bedroom apartment.
Did you know?
Families with children make up 30% of the homeless in Snohomish County.
Did you know?
On an average night, over 2,300 people are homeless in Snohomish County.

Conference Presentations

22,000 by 2035: What Does it Mean?

Snohomish County Housing & Demographic Data
Michael Zelinski & Stephen Toy

How Everett is Addressing Housing Needs
Allan Giffen

Comments from a Non-profit Housing Provider
Fred Safstrom, Deputy Executive Director, Housing Hope

Workforce Efforts to Increase Housing Affordability
Matt Bench, Nick Codd, Teena Ellison & Elizabeth Gordon

Local Housing Levies and Outcomes

Seattle Housing Levy
Laurie Olson

Bellingham Home Fund
David Stalheim

Building Affordable Housing without Government Funding: A Local Approach
Bill Raser & Dan Smoots

The Economic Opportunity Pillar: Housing & Careers
Mary Houston & Karen Matson

Community Values & Affordable Housing
Arthur Sullivan

It Takes a Village: How Nontraditional Providers are Addressing the Needs of the Homeless
Robin Fenn, Shane Cooper, Elise Reich & Pete Vier

I Probably Shouldn’t Say this, But...
Al Levine

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